Sunday, August 8, 2010

21 days away

We went up to Dallas this weekend to ride with Neil and to see some hills. We rode 83ish miles. It was great. I was proud of all three of us. Tomorrow (Monday), I am going to run my 15 miles. I have a pain in my right foot. It feels like a stone bruise. That worries me. Really, any pain I have worries me. I want to be in the best condition ever in 21 days.

Back up: Last weekend I rode 60 miles and then ran 2 miles. On Sunday I ran 18 miles and was joined by Kristi from mile 3 to mile 12is. It was awesome. I averaged 11.3 minute/mile. This was way under my goal time of 12 minute/mile. I feel good and ready. Ironman Kona was on today, just watching it on TV made me even more ready. I am beginning to train my brain. I am visualizing the places where I think I might struggle and I am pumping myself up.

I can do this because God gave me the ability and I have tons of support.

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