Saturday, June 19, 2010

not good, not good

so yesterday my friend amy and i did a track workout. i loved it but my legs got very tired. this was NOT a smart thing to do the day before a long ride. so this morning i got up at 5:10 to prepare for the 6:15 ride of 68 miles. our babysitter, ann, comes over and we are out the door. at about mile 25 i lose it. i am crying, mad, uncomfortalbe and i cannot believe i have 40+ more miles to ride. the only person around was jay so i took it all out on him. i was so mad/upset that i rode 14mph when really i should have been going about 18mph. there was no wind and i did not take advantage. instead i acted like a huge baby. i finally calmed down and we got to mile 30. here i ate my payday and i knew we were about 15 miles from home. i was very mad at myself b/c i have now shortened my ride and that was NOT in the plans. we get to fulshear and i decide that i really need to ride the full amount. we tack on some more miles and we end up doing about 60 miles.

what did i learn? do not try a new workout the day before a long ride and quit freaking out.

now i must refuel for tomorrows run of 10 or 13 miles.

heres to a fantastic week.

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