Sunday, June 20, 2010

run...or not

Sunday morning: I wake up at 5:15 so I can run at 6. I end up leaving around 6:30 and my plan is to run 13 miles. I start my run at a snail's pace of 12min/mile pace. oh well, at least I am running. 5 miles in and I am a bit faster but I am not comfortable. My hamstrings are not happy with me. Jay, the best husband in the world, meets me to refill my water bottles but instead I get a ride home. My 13 miles turns into 7.6 miles. Lesson learned: do not do a new workout on a Friday before a big weekend.

Plans for the week:
Monday: swim
Tuesday: AM run 6ish miles PM ride 2 hours
Wednesday: swim with my group PM track workout with Bike Barn Tri Club
Thursday: ride 1 hour (intervals)
Friday: swim
Saturday: Brick ride/run

Happy Father's Day

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