Tuesday, July 6, 2010

jog and talk

Tuesday morning started early....4:15am. I was determined to get up and complete my workout. I did it. I got up, ate a little, organized my new planner, and then scooted to meet my workout partner. Kristi and I ran a little over 5 miles and it was a perfect combination of jogging and talking. I loved it. My plan was to run this morning and ride this evening. My plan got altered b/c of a storm. My new plan is this: wake up at 4:15am tomorrow morning and swim with my swim group. Topher, Kristi, Jim, Todd & John. After this I will come home and rest and eat. My babysitter will come over around 8:30am and I will get in a 20ish mile bike ride. Around 7pm I will meet up with the Bike Barn Tri Club to get in a sprint workout. Thursday I will sleep in and just go on a one hour bike ride. Friday will be a swim workout.

TOmorrow I will report back with my successes.
Stay dry.

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