Monday, July 19, 2010

Vacation Over...

Just spend one whole week in Los Cabos. It was good to have a break but I need to get back in it. The Saturday before we left Jay and I completed 80 miles on the bike and then woke up Sunday and completed a 6 mile run. We left for the airport as soon as my run was over. While in Cabo I ran 2 days and they were not good runs b/c our resort was located on a mountain side. It was a steep 3 miles but at least I did something. We did meet some fantastic people while at the 2nd resort. One of them, Jim, had just completed an IM and qualified for Kona. CRAZY. His wife, Melissa, was equally awesome. She and I had a great conversation about bike fits and how my bike is NOT fit to me yet. I am hoping to get that sorted out this week. There were some other really cool people in this group.

As for this week...I ran today (4.4 miles) and tomorrow I am going to ride 30 miles and run about 3 or 4 miles. I hope to get my bike fit on Wednesday. I know I can spend forever on the bike IF I get properly fit.

We will see.

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