Saturday, July 3, 2010

rainy ride

Jay took off work on Friday so we could get our 80 mile bike ride in before we left for Rockport to spend the weekend with my family. We knew there was a chance for rain but we were not sure when it would rain so we took a chance and left the house at 6:15AM. We made it 20 miles before the rain started. It was just a sprinkle but the last 17 miles were an all out downpour. We decided to ride one loop only (40 miles).

Thoughts: A couple weeks ago we started out on a ride and it was the pefect day, sunny with no wind. About 15 miles into this ride I freaked out and had a mental break down. HOWEVER: yesterdays ride was the worst possible riding conditions yet I was mentally stable the WHOLE time. How in the world was that possible.

We did not go to Rockport yesterday because the weather was terrible. It rained all day and into the night. I am relaxing today and then tomorrow I will go on a 15 mile run. It will be a jog/walk. I want to run in the same pace I will run in the marathon.

Next week I will work out everyday and some days I will work out twice.

Get ready I come.


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